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 The Book Man (Our Patron Saint) says:

Vita sine libris mors est.
("Life without books is death.")



Welcome to ReadInk (pronounced like "Dead Ink"), now in our 15th year of putting interesting books into the hands of interested people.  We offer an eclectic selection of quality books and periodicals in a variety of subject areas, and are dedicated to the first-class treatment of every book we sell and its new owner (hopefully, you).  All orders and inquiries receive courteous, personal attention.  We grade our books conservatively, package them securely, and get them in the mail to you promptly -- all because we want to add you to our ever-growing list of satisfied customers.

We hope you'll take a minute to peruse the All About ReadInk page (link at bottom), which explains our commitment to book availability, quality service and packaging, etc. Just like a real bookstore, we want you to feel welcome from the moment you step in the door, and to go away happy (even if you don't buy anything).

ReadInk is also a proud member of the Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America (ABAA) and the Independent Online Booksellers Association (IOBA), and as such adheres to the Code of Ethics of both organizations, which can be seen by clicking the appropriate links:

We at ReadInk are immensely pleased to announce that we will be the exclusive sellers,
at the upcoming 47th California International Antiquarian Book Fair
of our good friend Kim Cooperís debut ďnoir novel,Ē
 The Kept Girl
which has just been published, appropriately, right here in Los Angeles, California!

Although itís a little out of our line to be peddling a brand-new, hot-off-the-presses book Ė usually
somethingís got to be at least fifty years old before we get too charged up about it Ė
when this particular opportunity arose we leapt at it.  Letís tick off the reasons:

1.  Itís set in Our Fair City Ė Los Angeles, California.
2.  Its protagonist is a man who took up residence inside our head a long time ago Ė an oil company executive and aspiring writer, right on the brink of middle age and already cynical beyond his years, one Raymond Thornton Chandler.

3.  It takes place in 1929, not necessarily a Very Good Year (and after October 29th, in fact, a decidedly Very Bad Year for many), but certainly a very interesting one Ė and one with special resonance for ReadInk, in that no fewer than 46 of the 600+ books that weíll be cramming into our booth (#803) at the aforementioned Book Fair were published in that very year.

4.  Itís got a very cool-looking cover (designed by Paul Rogers) that will slide smoothly right into the same visual groove as many of the gorgeous vintage dust jackets on our books-for-sale.  And we are all about gorgeous jackets, here at ReadInk.

5.  Want more?  I donít believe Iíve mentioned that it happens to be a terrific read, at least based on the first chapter, which is all Iíve had time to get through so far.  Letís just say Iím hooked, and the minute the book fair is over with and Iíve got some spare reading time again, Iíll be plunging back into this one with both eyeballs.

6.  And yet one more thing that occurs: Kim being a woman whose propensity for nosing her way into fascinating and forgotten corners of L.A.ís sometimes-sordid past ranks second to none, you can be damn sure that in addition to its other merits, this book is going to get the history right.  (And what a history it is, in this case!)
Here is a link to the bookís own website, which has a whole load of fascinating background info, some laudatory quotes, the straight dope about the author, etc.:
  And if all of this whets your reading appetite Ė as it darn well should Ė
then get on over to the Book Fair (February 7, 8 and 9 in Pasadena),
make a beeline for the ReadInk booth (thatís #803),
and after a simple transaction you can take home your very own copy!

And . . . partly as a reward for having read this far! . . . I still have a handful of get-in-free passes to the Book Fair for distribution.
 Just email me Ė -- and Iíll be glad to leave one at the door under your name. 
Limited supply, though Ė act now!

 == and now for a word about one of our specialties ==

Cinema Magazines for Sale!

We have an extensive collection of cinema/film magazines for sale, many which are not yet in our database, and thus can't be searched or ordered through the regular features of this site.
Additional information about these goodies can be found here.


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Harvest Home [*SIGNED*], Tryon, Thomas
Harvest Home [*SIGNED*]
75.00 USD
Quick, grab it!

Clear the Decks!, Gallery, Daniel V.
Clear the Decks!
35.00 USD
Quick, grab it!

The Heyday, Gascoigne, Bamber
The Heyday
15.00 USD
Quick, grab it!

Company: A Musical Comedy, Furth, George (book), and Stephen Sondheim (music and lyrics)
Company: A Musical Comedy
175.00 USD
Quick, grab it!

The Cowboys, Jennings, William Dale
The Cowboys
100.00 USD
Quick, grab it!

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The Turbulent Thirties: A Further Decade of the Theatre, Trewin, J.C., with Raymond Mander & Joe Mitchenson
The Turbulent Thirties: A Further Decade of the Theatre
30.00 USD
I want this!

The Universe of Light, Bragg, (Sir) William
The Universe of Light
100.00 USD
I want this!

Thunder in the Heart, Weldon, John Lee
Thunder in the Heart
40.00 USD
I want this!

His Majesty's Pyjamas [*SIGNED*], Markey, Gene
His Majesty's Pyjamas [*SIGNED*]
125.00 USD
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Gallows' Orchard, Spencer, Claire
Gallows' Orchard
50.00 USD
I want this!


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