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Stars of the Movies and Featured Players
1 Stars of the Movies and Featured Players
Hollywood The Hollywood Publicity Company, Inc. (c.1927) First Edition Softcover Poor 
[pretty beat-up, suitable for reference/research use only; rear cover detached, paper loss at corners of front cover and also corners of first few pages, water-staining to the rear endpapers (and affecting to some degree the last one-third or so of the book); on the bright side, there do not appear to be any missing pages]. (B&W photographs) Full-page portraits of 250 actors and actresses of the late silent era, arranged alphabetically. 
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The Hollywood Reporter (March 30, 1935, Section 2): 4th Annual Writers Number 1935
2 The Hollywood Reporter (March 30, 1935, Section 2): 4th Annual Writers Number 1935
Hollywood The Wilkerson Daily Corp., Ltd. 1935 (Vol. XXVI, No. 23) Periodical Near Fine in Near Fine dj 
[minor edgewear to covers, slight fading along bottom edge of front cover]. (advertisements) This special "Writers Number" of the erstwhile Hollywood trade paper features 22 short pieces of various types -- stories, playlets, mini-essays, anecdotes, humorous jibes, etc. -- contributed by both prominent and not-so-prominent screenwriters (or, in some cases, regular writers in town to scoop up some of that easy movie money). Featured writers include Philip Wylie, Nunnally Johnson, Edward Chodorov, Ralph Block, Melvin Levy, George Seaton & Robert Pirosh, Dwight Taylor, and Edwin Knopf. Among the more amusing pieces, at least at quick glance, are: "Mother Goose Flies High" by John B. Myers, using nursery rhymes as the inspiration for story pitches ("Little Bo Peep" as a starring vehicle for Claudette Colbert and Gary Cooper, for instance); "The Bard Comes Back" by Charles Kenyon, in which William Shakespeare pops around to the First National studios to see how they're handling their adaptation of "A Midsummer Night's Dream"; "Zolly Gets Africa" by Jeffrey Dell, a brief snapshot of Zoltan Korda and his methods of filming in Africa; and "How Long is This Going On?" by Nunnally Johnson, a brief playlet mocking the "widely-publicized behavior of non-professionals in the vicinity of Hollywood." Also includes a credits section, "Writers and Their Work for 1934" (with a separate, smaller section for British writers). Most of the writers whose work is contained in this issue seem to have also taken out advertising space (one suspects a quid pro quo at work) to tout their most recent credits and/or works in progress, announce which studio they're under contract to, and just basically demonstrate that they're ready, willing and able to scribble. This was, of course, a highly competitive (and highly lucrative) time to be a writer in Hollywood -- and it's in that regard it's interesting to note, on page 36, a full-page ad for H.N. Swanson, Inc., an agency that had opened just four months earlier with the stated intent to handle only writers and story properties, and could already brag that "during the past few weeks we believe we have sold to the studios more plays, novels and original stories than any other Hollywood agency." 
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The Hollywood Reporter (September 30, 1935; Section 2): 5th Anniversary Number
3 The Hollywood Reporter (September 30, 1935; Section 2): 5th Anniversary Number
First Edition Softcover Very Good+ Illustrated by (cover illustration) "Wentworth" 
(spiral-bound) [nice attractive copy, a few minor short creases in covers; spiral binding fully intact, no loose or missing pages]. (photographs, advertisements) Massive (440 pages, 10"x12"), elaborately-produced special issue of this Hollywood trade publication, jam-packed with ads (many in color and beautifully designed and printed) for studios, individual films, and filmmakers of all stripes. Although at first glance it might just appear like a larger-format version of the annual Film Daily Year Book, in fact there's not really much "reference" content in this publication, i.e. no lists of people's credits, film credits of the year, etc. What there is, instead, is a substantial amount of original editorial content -- no fewer than 70 articles on a fantastic variety of topics, penned by some of the movie industry's most notable names. Here's just a sampling: "Extra Girl Gets Her First Close-up" by Jean Harlow; "The Great Heresy" by Gene Fowler; "The Rover Girl in the Air" by Lillian Hellman; "Korda's Little League of Nations" by Robert Sherwood; "The ABC of Supervising" by Nunnally Johnson; "The Foreign Market" by Paul Kohner; "Between Melodies" by Nacio Herb Brown and Arthur Freed; "New Talent Smothered" by Anita Loos; and (my favorite) "You, Too, Can Be a Comedian," by Laurel and Hardy. ***Additional shipping charges for this heavy book will apply for non-U.S. customers; please inquire before placing your order.*** 
Price: 350.00 USD
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Edward Bond Letters, Volume I, (Bond, Edward) Stuart, Ian, ed.
4 (Bond, Edward) Stuart, Ian, ed. Edward Bond Letters, Volume I
Langhorne PA Harwood Academic Publishers (c.1994) 3-7186-5503-9 / 9783718655038 First Edition Hardcover Very Good+ 
(laminated boards; no dust jacket) [moderate rubbing/scuffing to covers, top corners very slightly bumped]. (Contemporary Theatre Studies, Volume 5) Series "Beginning in the 1980s Edward Bond's dissociation with the established theatre was inevitable as many leading theatre, such as the RSC and the Royal National Theatre, produced plays antithetical to his belief in a new and useful theatre. Consequently, most of Bond's latest plays were not staged in London but given performances in the regions or abroad. This separation from the London theatre as a venue for his latest work along with Bond's interest in other European productions has resulted in a number of letters written to students and theatre professionals to explain and comment on the plays. The present collection is a selection of these letters." The letter are organized under four headings: Acting and Directing; Theatre Events; Politics; and Productions. "From reading this book the reader will experience new insights into the influences, motivations and beliefs of ths often misunderstood playwright." Laid in is a program for the American premiere of Bond's play "Tuesday," presented at the Stella Adler Academy Theatre in Hollywood, in October-November 1994. 
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Complete Texts of the Kennedy-Nixon Debates, (Congressional Record)
5 (Congressional Record) Complete Texts of the Kennedy-Nixon Debates
Washington DC Congressional Quarterly Inc. 1960 Stapled wraps Near Fine 
[light handling wear only]. This is an assemblage, I guess you'd call it, of the relevant pages from four issues of Congressional Quarterly, in which were printed the full transcripts of the four debates between Presidential candidates John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon, held on September 26, October 7, October 13, and October 21, 1960. The four sections have been neatly stapled together, and cumulatively present 28 double-columned pages of text (with a large red X drawn across the extra pages on which no debate text appears). These were, of course, "historic" events in every sense of the word -- the first televised Presidential debates, and considered a landmark of politics in the era of television -- but what's most striking is how they so little resemble what are laughingly called "Presidential debates" today. Whatever your opinion might be of either JFK or Nixon, to read these transcripts is to encounter thoughtful, articulate men, who express their ideas and positions in complete, coherent sentences -- in an atmosphere as different from the entertainment/reality-show/sporting-event bloviation we're subjected to these days as can possibly be imagined. 
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Mother Jones [magazine] (December 1989) [cover: Bart Simpson], (Foster, Douglas, ed.)
6 (Foster, Douglas, ed.) Mother Jones [magazine] (December 1989) [cover: Bart Simpson]
San Francisco Foundation for National Progress 1989 (Vol. 14, No. 10) Magazine Near Fine Illustrated by (cover) Matt Groening 
[nearly as new, with just a touch of wear at the spine ends; no address label, nor any sign that there ever was one]. The cover story of this magazine about "people, politics and other passions" is about the early career and rise to fame of cartoonist Matt Groening, who was just then poised for even more phenomenal success. The contents-page description of the article reads "The cartoonist who made angst-ridden bunnies funny brings his hostile humor to the tube" -- the "bunnies" line being a reference to the main character in the strip that first brought wide recognition to Groening's work, the angst-and-anxiety-ridden "Life in Hell." The LiH bunny (who I don't believe ever had a name) shares the cover with a character who was then about to rocket to animated-TV superstardom: the bratty-but-lovable Bart Simpson. "The Simpsons" had appeared, in somewhat cruder form, as short animated segments of "The Tracey Ullman Show" beginning in 1987, but it wasn't until December 1989 -- the very month this magazine appeared -- that Springfield's most famous dysfunctional family was given its own spin-off show, a move that was considered somewhat risky at the time. The cover posed the question of the moment: "Can Matt Groening's subversive humor survive prime time?" More than 27 years later, I think we have our answer. This was definitely one of Bart's earliest appearances on the cover of a national magazine -- possibly even the first, although this is unconfirmed. This issue of the magazine also contains a funny piece (with illustrations) by Lynda Barry, "The Telephone Call," about how a dog's throwing up set off a chain of events that caused a girl to be sent to a Catholic school, thereby ruining her life. But it's not all fun and sunshine: in true Mother Jones fashion there are also articles about the prospects for China's pro-democracy movement in the wake of Tianenmen Square, and about Silicon Valley's role in the depletion of the Earth's ozone layer (and how the electronics industry ignored one scientist's warnings about same). One last thing: a special "previews" section for Winter reading, including "a blueprint for writing the global novel" by Maxine Hong Kingston. All in all, a politically-infused cornucopia! 
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Esquire: The Magazine for Men (January 1965), (Hayes, Harold, ed.) [contributions by Tennessee Williams, Saul Bellow, Irwin Shaw, and others]
7 (Hayes, Harold, ed.) [contributions by Tennessee Williams, Saul Bellow, Irwin Shaw, and others] Esquire: The Magazine for Men (January 1965)
Chicago Esquire, Inc. 1965 NO (Vol. LXII, No. 1; whole no. 374) Magazine Very Good 
[moderate edgewear, a couple of tiny cracks in spine (integrity of binding not compromised); original publisher's "issue highlights" label affixed to front cover]. (B&W/color photographs, ads, etc.) The most notable pieces in this issue are "Mama's Old Stucco House," a previously unpublished story by Tennessee Williams, and "A Wen," a play in two scenes by Saul Bellow. The cover photo gallery (featuring the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Jerry Lewis, Barry Goldwater, Herman Munster, Lyndon Johnson, and other notables of the day) promotes the 4th annual installment of the magazine's long-running "Dubious Achievement Awards" feature, which was snarkiness at its finest before "snarky" was even a word. Other articles/features: a profile of New York Giants quarterback Y.A. Tittle, by Irwin Shaw; "Death as a Game," a treatise on how to be a mystery writer, by Michael Innes; a feature on movie producer Joseph E. Levine's crash diet; "Boss Ladies," an article profiling four women in executive positions, with a full-page color photo of each (the four are: Mildred Custin, president of Bonwit Teller; Phyllis Jackson, a literary agent; Helen Van Slyke, president of House of Fragrance; and Eleanor Kilgallen, a vice-president of Music Corporation of America); an article, "The American Painter as a Blue Chip," illustrated with color photos of Andy Warhol (shopping for soup cans!), Jasper Johns, Larry Rivers, and others. 
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Esquire: The Magazine for Men (December 1959), (Hayes, Harold, ed.) [contributions by William Faulkner, Arthur Miller, Carson McCullers, Dorothy Parker, and others]
8 (Hayes, Harold, ed.) [contributions by William Faulkner, Arthur Miller, Carson McCullers, Dorothy Parker, and others] Esquire: The Magazine for Men (December 1959)
Chicago Esquire, Inc. 1959 NO (Vol. LII, No. 6; whole no. 313) Magazine Very Good 
[rubbing to covers, small tear in right edge of front cover, another small tear and just a bit of paper loss at bottom of rear cover adjacent to spine]. (B&W/color photographs, ads, etc.) An exceptionally rich issue of this generally exceptional magazine. For starters, there are six pieces of fiction in English ("Mink Snopes" by William Faulkner; "End of a Relationship" by Alberto Moravia; "I Don't Need You Any More" by Arthur Miller; "Wake Before Bomb" by Wright Morris; "The Man Who Looked Like Jesus" by Howard Fast; "Actress with Red Garters" by Allan Seager), and another in translation: "A Revenge" by Thomas Mann (written when he was 24). Also notable: "Tribute to a Designer," about William Addison Dwiggins, by Alfred A. Knopf; "Un Petite Drame," a hitherto unpublished one-act play by George Bernard Shaw (called here "the first written" by him, dating to 1884); pictorial essays "The Comden-Green Film Festival" and "The Dark World of John Barrymore" (the latter being reproductions of a number of drawings and sketches by the actor); "Footnotes on [F. Scott] Fitzgerald" by his secretary Frances Kroll Ring; an essay by Irwin Shaw, "The Passing of the Four Seasons"; an article about Julia Moore, "The World's Worst Poet"; a short poem by Emperor Hirohito of Japan; an essay, "The Flowering Dream; notes on writing" by Carson McCullers; and book reviews by Dorothy Parker, who praises James Purdy and his latest book, "Malcolm." And there's more, 382 pages in all, weighing in at just over 2-1/2 pounds. 
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Motels, Hotels, Restaurants and Bars: An Architectural Record Book, (Hornbeck, James S., senior editor)
9 (Hornbeck, James S., senior editor) Motels, Hotels, Restaurants and Bars: An Architectural Record Book
New York F.W. Dodge Corporation (c.1953) First Edition Hardcover Very Good in Fair dj 
[bumping and light fraying to cloth at base of spine, otherwise just a bit of wear to book at edges and corners; jacket soiled, semi-circular piece torn away from top right corner of front panel, various other small nicks and chips, mostly along top edge]. (B&W photographs, drawings, floor plans, etc.) "This informative new book presents for the first time in one place a detailed study of physical design in motels, hotels, restaurants and bars, and graphically shows the important relationship between good design and good business. Presented in these pages are 518 illustrations and plans of successful establishments, where well-planned and practical design has paid off in flourishing trade and satisfied clientele. Each case study is profusely illustrated with interior and exterior photographs, with detailed floor plans and structural diagrams also included." It should be noted that the examples chosen are international in scope, not confined merely to the U.S. If you are a fan of mid-century architecture and design, flipping through this book will make you swoon -- and then get all depressed that you can no longer go out and actually see some of these long-vanished gems, e.g. Carl's Sea Air Motel in Santa Monica (when U.S. 1 was still called the "Roosevelt Highway"). Several of the California motels featured here were photographed for this volume by Julius Shulman. 
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A Walk on the Wild Side, Algren, Nelson
10 Algren, Nelson A Walk on the Wild Side
New York Farrar, Straus and Cudahy 1956 First Edition Hardcover Very Good+ in Very Good+ dj Illustrated by (dj photograph) Arthur Shay 
[good sound copy, very slight deterioration of binding at top of spine, minor dust-soiling to edges of text block; jacket shows only light wear and a bit of browning at edges, a teensy bit of paper loss at a couple of corners]. Algren's novel based on his youthful experiences in New Orleans, a book that "wasn't written until long after it had been walked," as he put it. "That was through what remained of old Storyville in 1931." 
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Stories from the Nerve Bible: A Retrospective 1972-1992 [*SIGNED*], Anderson, Laurie
11 Anderson, Laurie Stories from the Nerve Bible: A Retrospective 1972-1992 [*SIGNED*]
New York HarperPerennial (c.1994) 0-06-095050-1 / 9780060950507 1st Edition (softcover issue) Softcover Very Good+ Signed by Author
[nice clean copy with just minimal wear and a bit of smudging to the bottom edge, but with about a 3" wrinkle/crease extending diagonally from the bottom of the front cover upwards, and affecting almost the entire book (meaning that every page has that same crease, although somewhat less pronounced towards the end of the book); it would appear that somebody attempted to fold the entire book, and this front-to-back crease is all they achieved; honestly, although it's noticeable it's not that obnoxious]. Trade PB (B&W & color photographs, facsimiles) INSCRIBED ("To _____ ! / Hello from") and SIGNED by the author on the half-title page. Sort of an artistic memoir by the artist-composer-musician, covering the first two decades of her multi-faceted career as a creative artist. From the introduction: "This book is not an autobiography. It's a collection of the various voices I've used to speak for me. Some of them speak foreign languages or stutter. Others mutter, complain, lecture, and yell. Some sing. And I've written them down, trying to bring them back to life." Signed by Author 
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Anne of the Thousand Days, Anderson, Maxwell
12 Anderson, Maxwell Anne of the Thousand Days
New York William Sloane Associates, Inc. (An Anderson House Book) (c.1948) First Edition Hardcover Very Good in Good dj Illustrated by (dj design) Alan Haemer, from the Hans Holbein portrait 
[moderate wear to book, ink-staining at bottom of fore-edge; jacket browned at edges, with some uneven fading to front panel, title nearly faded away on spine, a few tiny nicks along top edge]. "The story of Anne Boleyn from the time when King Henry first came to claim her to the time when she is awaiting her execution." The original Broadway production starred Rex Harrison (who won a Tony) and Joyce Redman as Henry and Anne; in the 1969 film version the roles were taken by Richard Burton and Genevieve Bujold. 
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King-Hunger, Andreyev, Leonid (translated from the Russian by Eugene M. Kayden)
13 Andreyev, Leonid (translated from the Russian by Eugene M. Kayden) King-Hunger
Boston Richard G. Badger 1911 (Vol. XXII, No. VI; Winter 1911) Hardcover Good 
(no dust jacket; paper spine and front cover labels) [small stain at lower left front cover near spine, light dampstain at left top edge of front cover, slight cracking of spine covering at both ends of spine; "Property of The Theatre Guild, Inc., Garrick Theatre, N.Y.C." stamped on ffep]. (Poet Lore Plays) Series Russian play, issued in a periodical entitled "Poet Lore." In addition to the text of the play itself, this volume also contains: "The Significance of Maeterlinck's Bluebird," an essay by Emily S. Hamblen, and "The Gate of Wishes," a short play by Mary MacMillan. Of note: this copy bears a colorful vintage bookseller's label on the rear pastedown -- one of the most attractive I've ever seen -- from the legendary New York bookshop The Sunwise Turn, located at 2 East 31st Street. This establishment, described by one contemporary observer as "the prototype of all great-hearted bookshop experiments in a metropolis," and by a later writer as "high minded, eclectic, and expensive," was opened in 1916 by two ladies named Madge Jenison and Mary Mowbray Clarke, with an unusual business model: to survive not on foot traffic but rather through soliciting the patronage of fifty well-heeled individuals who would each buy $500 worth of books a year. The proprietors also did a little publishing (of works by Rainer Maria Rilke, Alfred Kreymborg, Lord Dunsany, and others), hosted readings, and sold textiles, artwork, and stationery in addition to books. At some point it relocated from its original place on East 31st Street to a spot just opposite Grand Central Station, at which time it was described as "a beacon of elite taste in the city’s most public location." The enterprise was bought, and the store closed, by Doubleday & Co. in 1927. (There is actually a book about the shop, "Sunwise Turn," written by Ms. Jenison in 1923.) 
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Lessons from Bernard Rudofsky: Life as a Voyage [English-language edition], Architekturzentrum Wien, ed.
14 Architekturzentrum Wien, ed. Lessons from Bernard Rudofsky: Life as a Voyage [English-language edition]
Basel/Boston/Berlin Birkhäuser Verlag (c.2007) 3764383607 / 9783764383602 First Edition Hardcover Fine in Near Fine dj 
[lovely copy, as-new; jacket has one tiny tear at bottom rear foldover, but with a new jacket protector (supplied) you'll never notice it]. (B&W and color photos, drawings, etc.) Issued in conjunction with an exhibition, a joint effort of the Architekturzentrum Wien and The Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles, this book is "the first retrospective to examine the life and work of Bernard Rudofsky (1905-1988), the controversial architect, designer, and critic whose groundbreaking buildings, exhibitions, and fashion designs challenged the Western world's perceptions of comfort and culture." In addition to biographical information about Rudofsky and his wife Berta, and a bibliography of his published works, the volume includes contributions from Monika Platzer, Maria Welzig, Wim de Wit, Andrea Bocco Guarneri, Felicity D. Scott, and others. ***Additional shipping charges for this heavy book will apply for non-U.S. customers; please inquire before placing your order.*** 
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These Charming People; being a tapestry of the fortunes, follies, adventures, gallantries and general activities of Shelmerdene (that lovely lady), Lord Tarlyon, Mr. Michael Wagstaffe, Mr. Ralph Wyndham Trevor and some others of their friends [etc.], Arlen, Michael
15 Arlen, Michael These Charming People; being a tapestry of the fortunes, follies, adventures, gallantries and general activities of Shelmerdene (that lovely lady), Lord Tarlyon, Mr. Michael Wagstaffe, Mr. Ralph Wyndham Trevor and some others of their friends [etc.]
New York George H. Doran Company (c.1924) NO 2nd printing ("B") Hardcover Very Good+ in Very Good dj 
[solid copy, light shelfwear, minor fading to cloth; jacket shows wear along top and bottom edges, a few shallow chips and tiny tears, horizontal crease near top of front panel]. "The author calls his book 'a tapestry of the fortunes, follies, adventures, gallantries of a certain lovely lady and her friends and companions in this tale.' ... Mischievousness, then, is the delicate and all-important ingredient in this account of some fashionables of Mayfair." A collection of interconnected short stories (a few with fantasy/horror elements), it was published in England in 1923, a year before Arlen's sensational best-seller "The Green Hat," which vaulted him to international fame and fortune; both books were issued in the U.S. in 1924, enjoying brisk sales, and Arlen himself showed up soon after, making his first visit to America in March 1925 (when he was interviewed and profiled for the New York Times by none other than Herman Mankiewicz). "These Charming People" has been cited as the source for the 1931 film of the same name, a Paramount British production directed by Louis Mercanton and starring Cyril Maude, Godfrey Tearle and a young Ann Todd, but technically the film was derived not from the book but from its stage adaptation (by Arlen himself), which had a three-month run on Broadway in late 1925-early 1926. This is the second printing of the first American edition; jacketed copies are rather uncommon. 
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Observations, Avedon, Richard (photographs), and Truman Capote (comments)
16 Avedon, Richard (photographs), and Truman Capote (comments) Observations
New York Simon and Schuster (c.1959) First Edition Hardcover Very Good 
(in Good slipcase; no dust jacket) [the book itself has been largely protected by its slipcase, except for some discoloration of the spine (particularly the top inch or so), and has some light foxing on the front endpapers and a slight musty smell; the slipcase is worn and a bit stained, with some cracking evident at both ends of its spine; not the prettiest copy you'll ever see, but internally quite nice, and its external blemishes will in no way detract from your enjoyment of its contents]. (B&W photographs) Gorgeous Avedon photographs of beautiful (or at least famous) people, with one exception -- a set of photos of regular people, taken in Italy in 1946 -- accompanied by Capote's pithy/bitchy commentaries. (Tru's piece on Marilyn Monroe begins: "Monroe? Just a slob, really: an untidy divinity -- in the sense that a banana split or cherry jubilee is untidy but divine.") Among those on who Avedon's lens and Capote's pen were focused were: Charles Chaplin, Pablo Picasso, Coco Chanel, Elsa Maxwell, Marcel Duchamp, Andre Gide, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Marilyn Monroe, Mae West, Louis Armstrong, Humphrey Bogart, Carson McCullers, W. Somerset Maugham, Ezra Pound, and Isak Dinesen. Those who appear in photos but are commented on only in passing by TC include John Huston, Alfred Hitchcock, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Judy Garland, Gloria Vanderbilt, Anna Magnani, Buster Keaton, Bert Lahr, Charles Laughton, Georgia O'Keeffe, and Capote himself. ***Additional shipping charges for this heavy book will apply for non-U.S. customers; please inquire before placing your order.*** 
Price: 200.00 USD
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Goodbye Baby & Amen: A Saraband for the Sixties, Bailey, David, & Peter Evans
17 Bailey, David, & Peter Evans Goodbye Baby & Amen: A Saraband for the Sixties
New York Coward-McCann, Inc. 1969 NO First American Edition Hardcover Very Good+ in Good dj Illustrated by (dj design) Alan Aldridge 
(price-clipped) [a little shelfwear to book, top front corner bumped; jacket edgeworn, small tears at most corners, numerous vertical laminate-wrinkling lines, slight paper loss at top of spine; all in all a presentable although hardly pristine copy]. (B&W photographs) Photographic and prose portraits of the significant cultural figures of the "Swinging Sixties," specifically focusing on the London scene. One of the first eulogies for the decade that still haunts us, published when it hadn't quite entered its final death throes yet. ***NOTE: Additional shipping charges for this heavy book will apply for non-U.S. customers; please inquire before placing your order.*** 
Price: 125.00 USD
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The Swiftest Thing in Life, Barre, Jean
18 Barre, Jean The Swiftest Thing in Life
New York H.C. Kinsey & Company, Inc. 1932 NO First American Edition Hardcover Near Fine in Very Good dj 
[good solid clean book, minor shelfwear only; jacket has small tears and minor paper loss at a couple of corners, fading to spine, short closed tear and associated diagonal crease at bottom of front panel]. An Italian prince, his wild and irrepressible brother, an English beauty, her impudent and possessive American lover, an artist, and more! "A really fresh experience among romantic novels." Ten bucks off the price if you can identify the dust jacket artist. 
Price: 85.00 USD
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You and Me, Babe [*SIGNED*], Barris, Chuck
19 Barris, Chuck You and Me, Babe [*SIGNED*]
New York Harper's Magazine Press (c.1974) 0-06-120342-4 / 9780061203428 First Edition Hardcover Near Fine in Near Fine dj Illustrated by (dj design) Sheila Berger Signed by Author
[spine slightly turned, very light shelfwear to bottom edge; jacket shows some surface rubbing INSCRIBED and SIGNED on the ffep: "BRANDON / HOPE YOU LIKE IT / CHUCK BARRIS." The first book by the game-show entrepreneur (and, to hear him tell it, CIA-employed assassin), an offbeat love story about the "ambitious, all but unemployable son of a Queens chiropodist," who sets his sights on marrying a woman with a nice trust-fund income, but to his consternation ends up actually falling in love with her, and marrying her "for herself instead of her money" after the trust fund is cut off by her parents. More than thirty years later, Barris substantially rewrote and expanded the book and re-published it as "The New You and Me, Babe." Signed by Author 
Price: 30.00 USD
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The Mediocrat, Bartley, Nalbro
20 Bartley, Nalbro The Mediocrat
Garden City NY Doubleday, Doran & Company, Inc. 1928 NO Later Printing Hardcover Near Fine in Very Good dj 
(in A.L. Burt reissue dust jacket) [minimal shelfwear, top corners a bit bumped; jacket edgeworn, a bit of paper loss at spine ends, a few small edge-tears]. Proto-feminist novel that grapples with the burning question: "Is there a new kind of woman coming to disturb our homes -- a woman who lives by making war on her kind? Has the freedom won by the 'old-fashioned suffragist' been taken over by a new 'emancipated' type who ignore women's duties while demanding women's privileges? Hilda Reynolds was forced to believe so. She had created for her husband, her three boys, and her flapper daughter, a household where there was a spirit of sportsmanship and loyalty. Perhaps she did 'wear hats that would have caused a civil war,' but she was a good mother and a good citizen. Then Vesta took the house next door, and Hilda's quiet, happy life was rudely shattered." The author (1888-1952) had been a newspaper reporter at age nineteen and also wrote magazine fiction; she published her first novel in 1917 and subsequently wrote one or two books every year until 1934. (NOTE that the book itself bears the Doubleday, Doran identification inside and out, but is encased in an A.L. Burt reissue dustjacket.) 
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