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Eisenhower and the Mass Media: Peace, Prosperity, and Prime-Time TV, Allen, Craig
1 Allen, Craig Eisenhower and the Mass Media: Peace, Prosperity, and Prime-Time TV
Chapel Hill NC/London University of North Carolina Press (c.1993) 0-8078-4409-8 / 9780807844090 First printing Softcover Near Fine 
[as new, except for a tiny bump to the upper right-hand corner of the front cover]. Trade PB (B&W photographs) 
Price: 8.00 USD
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The Frightened Giant: My Unfinished Affair with America, Belfrage, Cedric
2 Belfrage, Cedric The Frightened Giant: My Unfinished Affair with America
London Martin Secker & Warburg Ltd. 1957 NO First Edition Hardcover Very Good in Very Good dj Illustrated by (dj design) Vicky 
[solid copy, worn at extremities as is common with this cheaply-produced book, light water spotting at top of both covers (not serious and not affecting interior); jacket has some minor fading/soiling, but in better shape than often seen]. Blacklisted journalist/editor/novelist (and one-time film critic) Belfrage took advantage(?) of the three months he was parked in jail, awaiting his eventual deportation, to write this passionate memoir, in which not only expresses his admiration for America and Americans, but also "his detestation of that small group of Americans who seek to panic their countrymen into a denial of elementary democratic freedoms." In his time, of course, he was speaking of Senator McCarthy and his ilk, but his laments have a chillingly familiar ring in today's world as well. 
Price: 15.00 USD
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The New Populism: The Politics of Empowerment, Boyte, Harry C., and Frank Riessman, eds.
3 Boyte, Harry C., and Frank Riessman, eds. The New Populism: The Politics of Empowerment
Philadelphia Temple University Press 1986 0-87722-429-3 / 9780877224297 First Edition Hardcover Very Good+ in Very Good+ dj Illustrated by (dj design) Liz Waite 
[nice tight copy, minor shelfwear to bottom edge, faint soiling to top page edges; jacket shows a bit of wear at extremities, one tiny tear at top right-hand corner of front panel, light soiling to rear panel]. A "highly charged collection of essays, speeches, and interviews examining the impact of populism in the 1980s," at a time when it appeared as though this "movement could change the face of American democracy." Wonder how that worked out? Contributors include Studs Terkel, Robert Coles, Jim Hightower, Barbara Mikulski, Tom Harkin, Ernesto Cortes, and Cornel West . 
Price: 25.00 USD
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The Chomsky Reader , Chomsky, Noam (ed. by James Peck)
4 Chomsky, Noam (ed. by James Peck) The Chomsky Reader
0-394-74173-6 First Edition Softcover Very Good+  Illustrated by (cover design) Henrietta Condak 
[minor wear from careful reading, very light soiling to fore-edge, soft diagonal bend (not crease) at bottom corner of front cover, miniscule dog-earing at a couple of corners]. Trade PB This volume "brings together for the first time the political thought of America's leading dissident intellectual. At the center of practically every major debate over America's role in the world, one finds Noam Chomsky's ideas -- sometimes attacked, sometimes studiously ignored, but always a powerful presence. Drawing from his published and unpublished work, [this book] reveals the awesome range of this ever-critical mind -- from global quetions of war and peace to the most intricate questions of human intelligence, IQ, and creativity."  
Price: 6.00 USD
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Drawn and Quartered: Paul Conrad: The Best Political Cartoons [*SIGNED* slipcased edition], Conrad, Paul; texts by Richard C. Bergholz
5 Conrad, Paul; texts by Richard C. Bergholz Drawn and Quartered: Paul Conrad: The Best Political Cartoons [*SIGNED* slipcased edition]
New York Harry N. Abrams, Inc. 1985 0-8109-1291-0 / 9780810912915 First Edition Hardcover Near Fine in Near Fine dj Signed by Author
[book is flawless but for a thin vertical line (discoloration of some sort) running up the middle of the ffep; jacket a teensy bit scrunched at top front corner, minor surface wear; slipcase lightly scuffed but still in nice condition]. (cartoons) SIGNED boldly by Paul Conrad on the ffep. More than 240 examples of the work of one of the greatest political cartoonists. "Arranged in eight sections, covering everything from gun control to the Watergate scandal to President Reagan's misguided 1985 visit to the German cemetery at Bitburg, the cartoon are accompanied by Conrad's own one-line captions and, when necessary, by a longer caption filling in the historical background behind a story." Signed by Author 
Price: 45.00 USD
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An American With Guts [*SIGNED*], Edell, Edward
6 Edell, Edward An American With Guts [*SIGNED*]
Los Angeles The Cole-Holmquist Press 1961 First Edition Hardcover Near Fine in Very Good dj 
[nice tight clean copy, slightly bumped at a couple of corners; jacket shows some wear at extremities, one short gouge-tear in front panel, small sticker-removal scar on spine]. (B&W photographs) SIGNED (as I suspect all copies are) by the author at the conclusion of his list of 14 "Suggestions to Mr. and Mrs. America," near the back of the book. The central figure of this far-right-wing screed is Dr. John Robert Lechner (he's the "American with Guts," not the author, although I suspect the latter was no slouch in the Guts Department, either), who was a real piece of work. A native of Austria, he came to California in 1924 and in 1927 founded the "Americanism Educational League," which provided him with a personal soapbox from which to crusade against any -ism that wasn't Americanism. Although he was active in Southern California political circles (including the American Legion) for 40 years, it was his virulent anti-Japanese rhetoric during World War II for which he deserves his special place in the Hall of Infamy. (Time Magazine quoted him, in early 1945, with shouting out at a public meeting: "We know the Japanese have super-submarines which carry 1,000 men—they're waiting for the return of California Japanese [from the internment camps] to start their invasion. They'll come in through the fog banks, led by 10,000 officers trained in American universities." Uh-huh.) More than a biography of Lechner, the book also purports to function as "an exposé of the ruthless methods and sinister techniques of the International Communist Conspiracy; the so-called Untouchable-intelligentsia, from the White House to our college campuses; the American Civil Liberties Union; the shameful Cuban Fiasco and the cataclysmic Supreme Court decisions under Warren, [etc.]." (Well, he did say "Guts," not "Brains.") If this all makes sense to you, then you'll be pleased to know that laid in to this copy of the book are: a promotional flyer for the book itself; a membership/contribution form for the Americanism Educational League; and even an envelope for you to mail in your contribution. (You'll have to buy your own stamp, though -- and be careful, it might have a picture of some Communist on it.) 
Price: 12.00 USD
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I'd Rather Be President: A Handbook for Expectant Candidates, Ellis, Charles, and Frank Weir
7 Ellis, Charles, and Frank Weir I'd Rather Be President: A Handbook for Expectant Candidates
New York Simon and Schuster (c.1956) First Edition Hardcover Near Fine in Very Good- dj Illustrated by Walt Kelly 
[minor wear to book, light age-tanning to page edges; jacket shows moderate soiling]. (cartoon drawings) Tongue-in-cheek how-to-run-for-high-office handbook that "charts your course from the inevitable denial that you are a candidate to the polite wire of condolence to your defeated opponent," including such helpful advice as "how to throw your hat into the ring with a forthright statement which, carefully avoiding anything specific, demands justice, honor, thrift, generosity, tolerance, courage, and decency in public affairs -- thus at one stroke indicting any opponent as an unfair, biased, cowardly, stingy, ne'er-do-well of terrible habits." As timely now as it's ever been -- and who better to illustrate this cornucopia of hypocrisy than the wonderful Walt Kelly? 
Price: 25.00 USD
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Democracy Works, Hays, Arthur Garfield
8 Hays, Arthur Garfield Democracy Works
New York Random House (c.1939) NO First Edition Hardcover Very Good+ in Very Good dj 
[good solid copy, minor shelfwear, some browning to endpapers, previous owner's embossed signature on ffep; jacket shows some wear at edges/extremities, minor chipping along top edge, small surface-peeled spot (1/2" x 3/4") on spine]. A resounding endorsement of Democracy American Style, by the noted attorney and civil libertarian (1881-1954), who became general counsel for the ACLU in 1920 and was subsequently involved in many of the most famous trials in American history, including Scopes "Monkey Trial" (as co-defense counsel with Clarence Darrow), the Sacco-Vanzetti case, and the trial of the "Scottsboro Boys" in 1933. In this work, he "proves that democracy works best, not only from a spiritual and social, but likewise from an economic point of view." The book is "dedicated to my radical friends who regard me as a conservative, to my conservative friends who regard me as a radical, but chiefly to that increasing number of American, who, like myself, are 'just liberals.'" Mr. Hays would surely weep if he could be alive today to observe how "liberal" has been turned into a dirty word by blathering ideologues. Uncommon in the photo-illustrated dust jacket. 
Price: 45.00 USD
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The Minutemen, Jones, T. Harry Jr.
9 Jones, T. Harry Jr. The Minutemen
Garden City NY Doubleday & Company, Inc. 1968 NO First Edition Hardcover Very Good in Very Good- dj Illustrated by (dj design) Patricia Saville Voehl 
[solid copy, moderate shelfwear, light browning to page edges, gift inscription on ffep; jacket is a bit edgeworn, 1/2-inch triangular chip and associated creasing at top of front panel, a few other small tears]. "Right now in this country there is a far-right, anticommunist organization forming itself into a dangerous underground army. In groups scattered throughout the country, the Minutemen are building up large stores of weapons, including high-powered rifles with telescopic sights and illegal machine guns, and are training themselves secretly in the techniques of assassination and guerilla warfare. Believing that America is already virtually controlled by a communist conspiracy and that many of our highest government officials are communists, the Minutemen are preparing for a day in the near future when they will start shooting and lead a 'patriotic rebellion' against the United States government." Ah, yes, the good old days. So what else is new? 
Price: 25.00 USD
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Soldiers and Students; a study of right- and left-wing radicals, Kroes, Rob
10 Kroes, Rob Soldiers and Students; a study of right- and left-wing radicals
London/Boston Routledge & Kegan Paul 1975 0-7100-8089-1 / 9780710080899 First Edition Hardcover Near Fine in Very Good+ dj 
(price-clipped) [light browning to page edges, but no significant wear, previous owner's signature on ffep; jacket shows only light surface wear]. (International Library of Sociology) Series A study of interest groups competing under conditions of scarcity. "In separate chapters.....right-wing radicalism is treated through a study of military intervention in domestic politics; left-wing radicalism through analysis of student activism. The case studies are centred on material derived from recent Dutch history, [specifically] Dutch military responses to the decolonization of Indonesia [and] radicalism among Dutch students in the sixties." 
Price: 10.00 USD
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Masters of Stupidity [*SIGNED*], Landon, Maxwell
11 Landon, Maxwell Masters of Stupidity [*SIGNED*]
New York Vantage Press (c.1964) First Edition Hardcover Very Good in Very Good dj Signed by Author
[slight wear to book at ends of spine and bottom edge, very light soiling to bottom edge; jacket lightly soiled, a bit wear at edges and corners, a couple of tiny edge-tears]. INSCRIBED at great length and SIGNED by the author on the ffep (actually signed "Ruth and Max"). A first-person account of the author's experiences in Los Angeles, circa 1944-1952; a WWII vet, he worked at various odd jobs while also attending film and theatre classes at USC and UCLA under the G.I. Bill. The problem was that every time he turned around, he saw Red: the phrase "a communist under every bed" could have been invented just for him. On the 20th Century-Fox lot, a flirtatious secretary advises him to check out the "People's Educational Center" in Hollywood; on the USC campus he's hit on by a couple of peace-petition girls; moving into an apartment near Muscle Beach in Santa Monica, he finds himself (or so he imagines) at the veritable storm center of a communist cell, or something. The whole thing is almost too ridiculous for words, but unfortunately that doesn't stop him from giving the reader plenty of them, in a nearly incoherent mash-up of his somewhat obnoxious personality, his utter lack of writing ability, and his almost sub-moronic level of political knowledge/sophistication. (He seems to have learned all he needed to know from a 25-cent U.S. Government booklet called "The History of Communism." I kept thinking of Thelma Ritter as "Moe" in Sam Fuller's great film PICKUP ON SOUTH STREET: "What do I know about commies? Nothing. I know one thing. I just don’t like ‘em.”) He is also so thoroughly self-centered that he utterly fails to give us much in the way of local color about Southern California, and he's such a bad writer that it's frequently unclear just HOW he figures out that all these people are dirty commie rats. (He has a habit of addressing himself as "Maxie," and of wrapping up narrative episodes with phrases like "All right." or "That's all there was to that.") And really, is there anything more painful than aggressively bad writing by someone trying to make a point on nearly every page about how much wiser/cooler/tougher he is compared to most of the pathetic excuses for human beings that surround him? Give me an articulate, intelligent commie rat any day. Apparently the author's only book, for which the world should be thankful. (I suspect the book's title, by the way, is some kind of homage to J. Edgar Hoover's tome "Masters of Deceit," published in 1958; but who cares, really?) Signed by Author 
Price: 85.00 USD
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Bush Lies in State [*SIGNED*], McCourt, Malachy
12 McCourt, Malachy Bush Lies in State [*SIGNED*]
New York Sensei Publications (c.2004) 0-9755746-0-4 / 9780975574607 First Edition Softcover Fine Signed by Author
[brand-new copy, bright and tight with no discernible wear]. Trade PB INSCRIBED generically ("Blessings!") and SIGNED by the author on the title page. A couple of dozen brief anti-GWB rants, by an author described on the book's cover as "an environmentalist who advocates more trees and less Bushes." The back-cover blurb declares "Blinky Bin Bush and the Texiban Must Go!" Nice try, but fat lot of good it did, since we ended up suffering through four additional years of his criminal (and criminally incompetent) administration. Don't agree? Then you probably won't want this book anyway. (**) Signed by Author 
Price: 15.00 USD
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Alien Ink: The FBI's War on Freedom of Expression, Robins, Natalie
13 Robins, Natalie Alien Ink: The FBI's War on Freedom of Expression
New York William Morrow & Co. (c.1992) 0-688-06885-5 / 9780688068851 First Edition Hardcover Near Fine in Near Fine dj Illustrated by (dj design) Lawrence Ratzkin 
[nice clean copy, minimal shelfwear; minor edgewear to jacket]. (B&W photographs) "The most comprehensive book yet written on how the Federal Bureau of Investigation waged war against American writers and readers from the early years of this century. As [the author] reveals for the first time, this assault on freedom of expression began long before iron-fisted J. Edgar Hoover joined the Justice Department and made his name synonymous with that of the FBI for over forty years. The war carried over into the 1980s, when librarians, as part of a Library Awareness Program, were recruited to spy on readers." (And, one has to wonder, could the author have foreseen the PATRIOT Act?) 
Price: 8.00 USD
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Treason in American Education: A Case History, Rogers, Frederick Rand
14 Rogers, Frederick Rand Treason in American Education: A Case History
New York/Monterey CA Pleiades Publications c.1949 First Edition Hardcover Near Fine in Good+ dj 
(price-clipped) [jacket worn, with several tears, soiling on back cover]. Pity the poor author -- he set out to simply write a biography of his beloved professor Ellwood Patterson Cubberly, first dean of the School of Education at Stanford, "for over fifty years devoted to American public education to the exclusion of all else save his devoted wife." In the process of research, however, he smelled something rotten, and upon further investigation discovered nothing less than what he termed "a mortal defect in the body-politic of North America." So instead he decided to write a history of Stanford University itself, to expose "the 'social errors' and wilful irresponsibilities of (chiefly) school and 'higher education' pedagogues -- i.e., professors and executive officers. It is aimed at the rescue of U.S.A. schools and colleges from amoral and short- visioned science, the cynical materialism of anti-religion and the cult of academic license [and] therefore at the clear-cut return of Yankee pedagogy to reason, religious aims and instruction, responsibility to constituted authorities and positive service to educational trusts and to the nation's welfare." Although it's claimed that the "Treason" of the book's title " does not refer to political subversiveness at all," it's not hard to see where this mind-set was heading, particularly in the McCarthy/HUAC era. 
Price: 20.00 USD
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After the Cold War: Europe's New Political Architecture, Rusi, Alpo M.
15 Rusi, Alpo M. After the Cold War: Europe's New Political Architecture
New York St. Martin's Press 1991 0-312-06114-5 / 9780312061142 First Edition Hardcover Fine in Near Fine dj 
[traces of handling wear to jacket]. "Calling for interdisciplinary approaches in analyzing international relations, [the author] provides exceptional new interpretations of the post-World War II history of the East-West conflict. In [this book], he charts the path toward the creation of new security systems, which, together with those already existing, should constitute the basis for a new peace order beyond bipolarity." 
Price: 20.00 USD
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The McCarthy Wit, {McCarthy, Eugene} Adler, Bill, ed.
16 {McCarthy, Eugene} Adler, Bill, ed. The McCarthy Wit
Greenwich CT Fawcett Gold Medal (T2100) (c.1969) NO 1st ed. (pbo) Softcover Very Good+ 
[nice tight copy, with some minor surface paper loss at bottom corners of front cover]. Mass Market PB "This is the McCarthy wit, ironic, meaningful, incisive. It is a wit that reveals a brilliant but gentle man whose ideas rallied millions of devoted followers. Like the humor of Churchill, Stevenson, and Kennedy [this in reference to the editor's previous compilations in this vein], the McCarthy wit is a joy to be heard and will be read and quoted for years to come. Selected from campaign speeches, media interviews and articles, letters and remarks to friends, addresses made as a Senator, [this book] comments on Lyndon Johnson, big league baseball, the Catholic Church, college students and labor leaders, Dean Rusk and George Romney, the farmers and the Republicans, the war in Vietnam, the Kennedys, the pollsters, the war on poverty, and the Presidency." The editor later added Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and others to his "Wit" series, of which this seems to be one of the scarcer entries. (Somehow I doubt that "The Bush Wit" will ever see the light of day.) 
Price: 15.00 USD
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