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Collectable Paperbacks

Collectable Paperbacks

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How to Pick a Mate: The Guide to a Happy Marriage, Adams, (Dr.) Clifford R., and Vance O. Packard
1 Adams, (Dr.) Clifford R., and Vance O. Packard How to Pick a Mate: The Guide to a Happy Marriage
New York Dell Publishing Company (224) [1948] (c.1946) NO 1st printing thus Softcover Very Good+ Illustrated by (cover) Earl Sherwan 
[nice-looking copy, slight curling to covers, a couple of small areas of laminate lifting on rear cover, one tiny tear at top of last page of index]. Mass Market PB The title kinda says it all, doesn't it? Notable as one of the few books in Dell's famous "mapback" series that doesn't have a map on the back cover -- which suggests to me that when it came to figuring out how to achieve happiness in marriage, the publishers were as lost as the rest of us. 
Price: 20.00 USD
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Dock Walloper, Appel, Benjamin
2 Appel, Benjamin Dock Walloper
New York Lion Books, Inc. (166) 1953 First Edition Softcover Very Good 
[moderately edgeworn, light browning to page edges, hinges tender but intact]. Mass Market PB Uncommon paperback original, a collection of short pieces apparently hustled into print to capitalize on the success of Appel's previous Lion paperback, "Hell's Kitchen," which according to the possibly-hyperbolic back-cover blurb on this book had "sold nearly a million copies." This volume contains ten stories: two excerpts from the novels "Brain Guy" and "The Dark Stain"; seven reprinted from various magazines, 1933-1941; and the title story, especially written for this publication. Unlike many hard-boiled writers of his day, Appel never wrote for the pulps; the stories collected here originally appeared in relatively obscure publications like "Blast: A Magazine of Proletarian Short Stories" and "Manuscript," although he also had stories published in mainstream mags like "Collier's" and "Esquire." 
Price: 50.00 USD
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Johnny Guitar, Chanslor, Roy
3 Chanslor, Roy Johnny Guitar
New York Pocket Books (1017) 1954 1st printing Softcover Very Good+ Illustrated by (cover art) Gail Phillips 
[nice tight copy, minor edgewear, very light bumping (and minor surface paper-peel) at top of spine, covers bright and attractive]. Mass Market PB "A novel of gamblers, outlaws and lynching in the American West," and renowned as the source of the famously overheated Nicholas Ray film -- which has all those elements but oh so much more, with Joan Crawford and Mercedes McCambridge squaring off, ostensibly over the affections of the laconic title character (played by Sterling Hayden), but really just because they hate each other's guts. Definitely a movie tie-in edition -- it even includes the statement "Movie produced by Republic Pictures, November 1953" as part of the publishing history on the copyright page! -- although the tie-in is confined to the ffep, where a line drawing of Crawford accompanies her testimonial about the book ("For me there was a special excitement in the role of this fascinating woman...."). Externally, the book is like a miniaturized version of the hardcover edition, using the same cover art -- although upon close comparison, it's obvious that the figure of the woman has been re-drawn in order to make her face stand out a little more (no attempt was made to make her resemble Joan, though). Rather hard-to-find these days, reflecting the enduring fascination of the truly weird and wonderful film adaptation. 
Price: 50.00 USD
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A Night with Mr. Primrose [original title: Roman Comedy], Cook, Whitfield
4 Cook, Whitfield A Night with Mr. Primrose [original title: Roman Comedy]
New York Avon Publishing Co. (497) (c.1951) NO 1st Paperback printing Softcover Very Good Illustrated by (cover art) Barye Phillips 
[moderate spine roll, short diagonal crease at top right-hand corner of front cover, some edgewear]. Mass Market PB "The Director Wore Skirts. All she wanted from a man was a lover -- all he wanted from a woman was a mother. He was Cubitt Cheever, one of the strangest cowboy stars in all of strange Hollywood. She was Anna Stagnaro, the Italian woman movie director who was as famous for her talent with men as for her genius with a camera. When they meet in Rome, Cubitt Cheever learns, for the first time, the wonderful facts of life, and Anna learns what it is to love a man who cannot love her." 
Price: 6.50 USD
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Sin Song, Dexter, John [pseud. for William Knoles, aka Clyde Allison]
5 Dexter, John [pseud. for William Knoles, aka Clyde Allison] Sin Song
(n.p.) Nightstand Books (NB 1562) (c.1961) 1st Edition (pbo) Softcover Near Fine Illustrated by (unsigned cover art) 
[nice tight copy, minor edgewear, tiny nick in binding at base of spine]. Mass Market PB "Of all the hotshot promoters going, Ed Jason was the sneakiest. First he got caught with his pinkies in the till, working for Jump-Jive Records, and then they slapped him with a payola rap, and the next thing he knew he was in the quaint village of West Valve, lost in the Ozarks, hungry for a woman -- any woman! And he found her, but quick like. The next time Ed Jason looked around he was ending a fiery session in the weeds with a little doll named Fran, and buzzing with the hottest singing idea since The Pelvis got oiled. Ed got a backer, and he got a foot in the door, and then he sent word out that he was looking for a female Elvis, a girl who would do the same things to men's libidos that the Pres did to girls." (His "discovery" turns out to have the name Suzy Beetle!) 
Price: 35.00 USD
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A God for Tomorrow [*SIGNED*], Dibner, Martin
6 Dibner, Martin A God for Tomorrow [*SIGNED*]
Garden City NY Doubleday & Company, Inc. 1961 NO First Edition Hardcover Near Fine in Very Good+ dj Illustrated by (dj) Paul Galdone Signed by Author
[minor wear to book at extremities; jacket shows a little scuffing at spine ends, tiny scrape near bottom of spine, very slight paper loss at top of spine]. SIGNED by the author (signature only with no inscription) on the half-title page. Suspense novel about an American journalist in Berlin, following a tip that he thinks might lead him to a surviving son of Adolf Hitler -- but he's not the only one on Junior's trail: "'Good' Germans want to kill the boy, and neo-Nazis want to find him, to deify him, use him as their symbol." Signed by Author 
Price: 40.00 USD
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Return of the Tall Man, Fisher, Clay
7 Fisher, Clay Return of the Tall Man
New York Pocket Books (6091) 1961 NO First Edition Softcover Very Good+ 
[moderate spine roll, mild exterior soiling & surface wear, some browning to page edges] Mass Market PB Paperback original. 
Price: 8.50 USD
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I.O.U. -- Murder (Rough on Rats), Francis, William
8 Francis, William I.O.U. -- Murder (Rough on Rats)
New York Signet Books (865) 1951 (c.1942) NO 1st printing thus Softcover Good 
[worn copy, spine rolled, binding intact but weak, bookstore stamp on first inside page]. Mass Market PB "DEATH Stalks Stag Party Girls -- Anthony Martin, fist-slinging private eye, stumbles right into the middle of the dirty film racket when he sets out to locate a missing I.O.U. for $38,000. He meets the cuties who pose for the pictures (shown only at stag parties), the mugs who clean up on their 'artistic' efforts, and three fresh corpses." 
Price: 6.00 USD
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Zulma, Hollingsworth, Elaine
9 Hollingsworth, Elaine Zulma
New York Warner Paperback Library 1974 0-446-78361-7 / 9780446783613 2nd printing Softcover Very Good Illustrated by (photo cover) 
[soft 2-inch vertical crease at top of front cover, very slight bumping to corners of front cover, vertical crease in spine with binding starting to crack between pp. 150/151]. Mass Market PB Uncommon "nonfiction novel" about an 18-year-old transgender wannabe who went to Tijuana in the early 1970s for a sex-change operation but wound up sentenced to six months in the La Mesa Penitentiary instead, where s/he endured all manner of brutalization, sexual and otherwise. The author, who met Zulma (née Miguel) while visiting a friend who was incarcerated in the same prison, tells her story in the first person -- "from the lips of the boy/woman who lived it." 
Price: 100.00 USD
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The Jungle Kids, Hunter, Evan
10 Hunter, Evan The Jungle Kids
New York Pocket Books (1126) 1956 NO First Edition Softcover Good Illustrated by (cover painting) Tom Dunn 
[binding somewhat fragile (cracked/split at front hinge), worn along spine, some creasing in covers (mostly rear cover)]. Mass Market PB Paperback original, a collection of a dozen short stories "concerning youngsters and crime," by the author of "The Blackboard Jungle." One story, "Vicious Circle," was adapted for a 1957 episode of the "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" TV anthology series. 
Price: 10.00 USD
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The Beach House, Longstreet, Stephen
11 Longstreet, Stephen The Beach House
New York Popular Library (G125) 1953 (c.1952) 1st printing thus Softcover Near Fine 
[nice tight clean copy, minimal edgewear, very light browning to page edges]. Mass Market PB "A Reckless Blonde in a Wide-Open Town," that town being, of course, Hollywood. The book is about Mollie Binning: "At 13 she was a blonde trouble maker in Mrs. Baker's School for Young Ladies. At 15 she had become a lush package. At 16, she had already married two men and left them both. By the time she was 18 she knew what she wanted out of life. And what she wanted was Mike Zelsmith, fabulously successful Hollywood producer." Nice GGA cover art, of a blonde in a skimpy white bikini. 
Price: 12.00 USD
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Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Loos, Anita
12 Loos, Anita Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
New York Popular Library (221) [1950] Softcover Very Good+ Illustrated by (cover) Earle Bergey 
[light wear to edges and corners, extremely faint soiling to front cover; binding intact]. Mass Market PB Reprint of the 1920's classic of a young gold-digger, with a stunning cover illustration by the great Earle Bergey -- albeit in a more post-war voluptuous than flapperesque mode. 
Price: 10.00 USD
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Jack Matcha's No Trumpets No Drums [*SIGNED*], Matcha, Jack
13 Matcha, Jack Jack Matcha's No Trumpets No Drums [*SIGNED*]
Reseda CA Powell Publications Inc. (c.1970) First Edition Softcover Very Good Illustrated by (cover) Bill Hughes Signed by Author
[binding tight, moderately edgeworn, some scuffing to covers, slight browning to page edges]. Mass Market PB INSCRIBED (to "a good friend, writer and teacher") and SIGNED by the author on the inside front cover. Paperback original, a novel set in Post-WWII occupied Germany, "the sometimes shocking, always tender story of Anita Graf, an aspiring actress, and the young Army captain who shows her the way." Signed by Author 
Price: 50.00 USD
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Brandy for a Hero [Dell Mapback], O'Farrell, William
14 O'Farrell, William Brandy for a Hero [Dell Mapback]
New York Dell Publishing Co. (306) [1949] (c.1948) NO 1st printing thus Softcover Very Good+ Illustrated by (cover art) F. Kenwood Giles 
[nice tight copy, mild edgewear, some soft creasing in front cover, inked number at top of first inside page]. Mass Market PB "The Story of a Night of Terror." The rear cover crime map depicts "The Old Fort Skating-Rink, where death pursues a doctor" (a cutaway view of the building, with a map of Manhattan as background). 
Price: 9.50 USD
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Stories of Venial Sin, from Pipe Night, O'Hara, John
15 O'Hara, John Stories of Venial Sin, from Pipe Night
New York Avon Books (661) [1955] NO 3rd printing Softcover Very Good+ 
[mild edgewear, generally a tight & clean copy; pages typically browned, but not brittle]. Mass Market PB 26 stories -- about "cabbies and college kids -- drunks, dolls, poets, punks -- and just plain people" -- packed into just 127 pages, but (we are assured) "each story complete & unabridged." 
Price: 6.00 USD
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West Side Jungle, Ridgway, Jason [pseud. for Stephen Marlowe]
16 Ridgway, Jason [pseud. for Stephen Marlowe] West Side Jungle
New York The New American Library (Signet Books 1504) 1958 First Edition Softcover Near Fine Illustrated by (cover) Victor Kalin 
[very nice copy, tight uncreased spine, minor surface wear only]. Mass Market PB "Hoodlums. They came out of nowhere. Small time punks on their first big job. This was their golden opportunity. Two hundred thousand dollars in crisp, new bills. Theirs for the taking. No one knew the South American diplomat was carrying the money. No one, except them. They could have taken it with a gun. But they used acid -- for kicks." A paperback original. (Note: "Acid," in this context, means acid -- not LSD.) 
Price: 20.00 USD
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The Girl in His Past, Simenon, Georges (translated from the French by Louise Varèse)
17 Simenon, Georges (translated from the French by Louise Varèse) The Girl in His Past
New York New American Library / Signet Books (948) 1952 NO 1st printing Softcover Very Good 
[edgewear to covers, hinges a little fragile]. Mass Market PB "Bauche had killed a man and the men who were investigating his brutal crime were convinced he had murdered his wife's lover out of jealousy. Only the criminal, and the compassionate psychiatrist who helped unlock the secrets of his past, knew that the real motives for the murder were even more horrible." 
Price: 12.00 USD
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Campaign Girl [*SIGNED*], Slatzer, Robert F.
18 Slatzer, Robert F. Campaign Girl [*SIGNED*]
Van Nuys CA Venice Publishing Corporation 1972 NO 1st Edition (pbo) Softcover Very Good+ Illustrated by (cover photo) Tennen-Levine Signed by Author
[nice tight copy, light horizontal crease near top of front cover]. Mass Market PB INSCRIBED and SIGNED by the author on the inside front cover. A novel about a Governor whose re-election campaign is imperiled when he's involved in an accident that results in the death of a young woman, and has to cover it up; the similarities to Teddy Kennedy's 1969 Chappaquiddick plunge are probably not coincidental. The bio material on Slatzer touts "his friendship and acquaintance with every President since Harry Truman," and his purportedly extensive credits in the movie and TV biz (which in the end didn't amount to much) -- but he'll ultimately be remembered for his claim, in a book published two years after this one, that he had been secretly married to Marilyn Monroe in Mexico in 1952, and that the marriage had been broken up by Fox studio chief Darryl Zanuck. Signed by Author 
Price: 85.00 USD
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Burning Bright; a play in story form, Steinbeck, John
19 Steinbeck, John Burning Bright; a play in story form
New York Bantam Books (953) 1951 1st printing thus Softcover Very Good+ Illustrated by (cover) Ben Stahl 
[nice tight clean copy, minor creasing and edgewear along spine, tiny nick at bottom edge of rear cover, pages very lightly tanned at edges]. Mass Market PB First paperback printing of Steinbeck's "play-novelette," written to be accessible to the reader as a prose work, but in such a manner that the dialogue could be readily presented in a staged adaptation. (Such an adaptation was eventually produced, in 1952, but closed after just thirteen performances in Boston. The book was later adapted into an opera by Frank Lewin.) 
Price: 8.00 USD
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Cup of Gold, Steinbeck, John
20 Steinbeck, John Cup of Gold
New York Popular Library (216) [1950] Softcover Very Good+ Illustrated by (cover) Rudolph Belarski 
[nice tight clean book, no marks on covers, a bit of vertical creasing along spine (both front and rear covers), a little additional creasing to rear cover, light tanning to page edges]. Mass Market PB "A lusty buccaneer novel," declares the title page, about pirate Henry Morgan. Cover blurb: "He sacked Panama for a woman's kisses." Nice copy of this early paperback printing of Steinbeck's first novel, originally published in 1929. 
Price: 10.00 USD
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